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The following pages will try and show you what wildlife you may see in or around our waters.

the pages will start of small but will be expanded as time allows.

Although WDAA is primarily focused on Angling, a lot of anglers are also nature lovers, The UK is blessed with diverse wildlife species, some you will see on a regular basis whilst you are fishing others you may see from time to time,  but most you will rarely or never see unless you know where and when to find them, also if you're really lucky you may have a chance encounter with something if you're quietly walking around.

to encourage wildlife we have created a Bird feeding area, a dipping pond and Summer wildflower meadow at Newpool, to attract as much wildlife as we can, Bird boxes are installed at several of our waters and a local beekeeper has hives situated on or very near three of our waters.  

Please respect the wildlife around our waters, anyone found to be interfering with any wildlife may face disciplinary action from the club.

Also DO NOT DISCARD ANY FISHING LINE OR HOOKS, as they can kill or injure wildlife especially water birds.

In the following information we will tell you where you may encounter some of this wildlife.



The pages below are currently being constructed, and will have more information on them as soon as we have the time to upload it.

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