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Night Rules fishing times & Information,

Scroll down to book your Night session

All night bookings are for 24 Hours from 12 noon to 12 noon next day

You can set up on a night peg any time after 12 noon for your night session,

But you must be set up BEFORE DARK.   

and be off the water by 12 Noon at the end of the session.

For 48 hour sessions on Marton Hole or the River please make two 24 hour bookings

Bookings can be made up to 5 days in advance or up to 6pm on the day of the session.


a) Night fishing can be booked below and can be booked up to Five days in advance. Once booked if you cannot make it to your booked session, please cancel it on the website so another anger can book the space.

This Applies to Top Flash, Newpool, Tommy’s hole, and Newbridge pool 24 Hour sessions only

Marton Hole up to 48 Hour Sessions, if fishing 48 hours please book for two nights.

Night Booking is not required for River Severn click here for River Severn Rules


b) Adult members (Age 18 & over) may take a junior member (age 12-17) night fishing with them, but the junior must fish in the same peg as the adult, and only 1 rod is allowed for each adult and junior. Juniors may fish their own peg, but must purchase a night sticker, and must be booked on by the accompanying adult as per current rules. Juniors under 12 are not permitted to night fish any waters without explicit written consent from the committee.

You can download the consent form from the website and submit it for approval.


c) Members must be in possession of their WDAA permit with a night sticker stuck inside the back cover of your permit.


d)No members are allowed on the waters before 12 noon and must vacate their peg by 12 noon the next day

or at the end of the session if 48 hours.


e) Spectators are allowed to accompany anglers whilst night fishing but they must be in possession of a Spectator Permit with a night Sticker attached inside the rear cover of the Spectator permit,

Spectators do not need to book a night session for any waters.


f) Carp may be retained for up to 30 minutes to allow for fish recovery.

Retention for any other purpose including Photography is NOT allowed.

Carp may NOT be taken or transferred to other waters for any reason. 


g) Torches are allowed to be used during the night, but their use must be kept to a minimum.

Please keep lights and torches off as much as possible, to avoid spooking fish, annoying other anglers, or local residents.


h) Night fishing should only be carried out using a shelter designed for fishing. i.e.,  NO TENTS.

Bivvies are NOT allowed on the River Severn


i) All other WDAA rules still apply. Click here  for general rules 


All anglers are expected NOT to leave the venue during unsociable hours except in serious emergency situations.

Anglers must pay attention to the match fixtures when planning to night fish the River Weaver and

choose a suitable area away from the match. No night fishing on the Red lion, aerosol and marina lengths.

Booking on is NOW required on the River Weaver sections that allow night fishing.

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