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Winsford Anglers has joined forces with Local bee keeper Steven Holt and his company Heart of Cheshire Honey. His bee hives are on or very close to three of our waters, the bee's he keeps are of a lesser aggressive type, so you should not have any problem with his honey bees, though if provoked like any bee or wasp it try to sting you as a last resort.

the bee's are usually out and about during the spring through to late autumn, depending on weather conditions, the honey produced from his hives is excellent, and like all honey does vary in taste from spring to late summer and depending on what flowers the bees are visiting to collect their pollen. have a look at his face book page where you can find out more about the bees and where to get a jar of the yummy honey.

honey 2.jfif

You can see the Queen bee in this picture with a blue spot attached for easy identification

Bee Swarms, 

Most swarms often occur on warm Sunny days in May to the end of July, between 11am – 4pm.

Often there is a peak on a fine day after poor weather when temperatures approach high teens. If you see a bee swarm in Winsford or the surrounding local area  you can contact our local bee keeper Steven Holt, further afield you would need to find a bee keeper local the area where the swarm is.

swarms happen when the some of the bees decide they want to split the hive and set up a new hive with a new queen, bee keepers can normally prevent from happening in their hives, by watching the bee behaviour and key indicators happening within the hive. 

For more information about where to get some Heart of Cheshire Honey from click below to visit their Facebook page

Other Bee's, Wasps and Hornets

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