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Winsford Anglers Angling Times and General Rules Updated 2022/ 23 Permit

The following are starting and finishing times that you are allowed on the water whether fishing or not

Night Fishing

Times for all night fishing waters are as follows

Arrival is at 12 noon then leaving at 12 noon at the end of the session

That means you must not arrive at the swim before 12 and you must be off by 12 at the end of the session

Then you are not allowed to return to same water for 24 hours.


The following are the starting and finishing times. Members can arrive or must be off the water within the times stated.

This applies if you are fishing or spectating
April to October 3.30 am to 10.30pm
November to March 6am to 9pm

Top Flash, Kitchen Meadow and Top Flash River Weaver 6.30 am to 10pm 
Winsford & District Angling Association General Rules

1. Annual Fees and Subscriptions.
Permits are valid from 1st June to 31st May each year.

Individual Permit Prices
Adult Members aged 18 to 64 - £45
Juniors aged 12 to17 - £5
Spectators - £5
Over 65's aged 65 and over - £20

Concession Permit £20
Night Permit Sticker - £25 (For all night fishing waters)
Closed season sticker - £40
Day tickets; £4 online or £5 from the Bailiff
(River Weaver at Winsford only) ALL Day Tickets are from Dawn till Dusk
Affiliated Clubs
Affiliated Club Fee - £15 annually
Affiliated Club Adult Members - £40
Affiliated Club Over 65’s - £20

Under 12 years old can fish for FREE but must be accompanied by a WDAA Permit holder, adult, over 65’s or spectators can accompany under 12’s.

All permits are to be made available during May each year.
The Winsford and District Angling Association permit gives a member the rights to fish on Association waters, but it remains the property of the Association and the right is reserved to refuse issue or to confiscate it. Any Permit not marked with the name and address and
photograph of the member shall be invalid.

2. General Rules
2.1 All members shall observe the proper closed season on Rivers Weaver, Dane, and Severn (15th March to15th June).