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This page will try and show you what Bird life you may see in or around our waters. 

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Wherever you fish you will have most likely come across robins, these cute little birds are very territorial, there constant singing warns others that they are entering their territory, they are also very cheeky and think nothing of stealing maggots from a bait box or sitting on a carp anglers rods begging for a boilie to be crumbed up,

some will even feed from your hand if you patient enough.

Males and females both have red breasts,

the female is usually not solid red with speckles, and the male a more solid vibrant red.

some Robins are resident and stay in the UK all year, but not all of them.



The name Seagull is not actually the name of any of the Gull species, but gust a generic name for the group, the most likely gull you might see on our waters are the Herring gull and the black headed gull, but there are many types of gull in and around the UK some are difficult to tell from another type. The name seagull would seem to indicate that they should live by the sea, but many gulls come inland looking for food, inland they tend to nest on flat roof buildings near food sources, they are opportunist feeders, we all know about the ones that will snatch food from your hand at the seaside, the ones that visit our waters are no different they will suddenly appear out of nowhere, especially when you start baiting up, they are agile and quick and will try and take boilies in mid air before they hit the water, you can use distraction to avoid this, or wait until they are looping around for another catch the bait run. 

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