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Winsford Anglers Dipping Pond & Wild Flower Meadow


Flower Meadow Newpool 2021

Winsford Anglers of course are primarily focused on Angling,

But several people on the committee and lots of our members

are also interested in the wider environment and wildlife,

several of our waters have extra things in place to help the

wildlife thrive, but the main effort is at Newpool which is

owned by the association.

Graham Bayliss our club secretary along with other committee

members, decided several years ago to install a dipping pond

adjacent to the public footpath, the pond had some small fish

stocked into it a few years back, unfortunately these fish were

eating most of the water species that the pond was created for,

so in early 2021 the pond was drained down and all of the fish

were removed, this will now allow for the small water insects

and larvae to thrive in the pond, there is also a

frog / toad population around the pond and hopefully

we will see lots more frog spawn in the spring, the

pictures on this page were taken during the summer of

2021 and it is already thriving. A Wooden Deck was

installed a couple of years back, that can be used as a

viewing platform or for net dipping in the water.





More recently Graham has been working on creating a wildflower meadow around the dipping pond, over the last few years Graham could be found most weekends first clearing the bracken from the area, strimming and preparing the ground, the first couple of years gave us a patchy flower display but during last summer (2021) the wildflower areas were a spectacular splash of colour, this is great for us to look at but also provides food for the locat insect population and nectar for the Bee's from the hives that are on site at Newpool. 

Our Resident Twitcher and Fisheries manager Rob Ledwards, has cleared an area of the woods at the shallow end of the pool to install a bird feeding area, this very quickly proved very popular with the birds who are eating the food provided as quick as Rob can put it out, so if you have a look at this area and feeders are empty is not because they have been neglected, its due to the hungry birds.

If you have any ideas for more environmental or Wildlife projects please let us know using the website chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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