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This page will try and show you what Water Birds you may see in or around our waters. 

Water Birds

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You will see lots of other birds at our waters, Swans are resident on some of our waters, they are not always happy to see us especially if they are nesting, but must times they will come over if you have food to offer them, you will most likely see them along the River, On Newbridge pool and sometimes at Top Flash. most swans migrate in the Winter, the Mute swan is the only one that stays here. They nest in spring or early summer, they will create large nest sites and vigorously defend them, theys his and make themselves look bigger when the are aggressive and will also charge towards you to make you back off. Swans are a protected species in the UK and you can even get a prison sentence for taking swan eggs.



You will see coots on a lot of our waters, they are a member of the Rail family of birds, and can be seen swimming in open water, in and out of vegetation looking fo food, Coot's are omnivores and will eat small live prey, other bird eggs, and anglers baits, once a coot finds a baited area they are relentless and will keep diving down to the bottom to get as many as possible, this unfortunately means they get hooked from time to time, please if you do hook one try and get it into the bank to remove the hook, NEVER just cut your line off. they will nest in reed beds flattening areas down and making bulky nests, they can be aggressive to other birds usually attacking with their large feet. they are fairly poor flyers, and have to take a long run across the water to get airborne, splashing along the way, despite being poor at flight some do migrate and usually at night, but most stay put and can be seen all year round.