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List Correct as of May 2024


President: Mr. Brian Clarke: 07788 497462

Chairman: Bert Reid; 07875 707208

Vice Chairman: Wayne Robinson: 07421 048796

Secretary: Graham Bayliss; 07717 471220

Treasurer: Keith Andrew; 07832 222900

Fisheries Manager: Robert Ledwards; 07712 471762

Head Bailiff; Steve Smith 07706 827972

Match Secretary: Steve Flood; 07864 304430

Angling Development Officers; Wendy Hainey 07502436096 

Steph Banks 07502435722

 Website / Night Bookings & Online Permits Admin: Keith Andrew; 07832 222900

General Purpose Committee

Alan Speed: 07917 103955

Aron Speed

Mike Ledwards

Tony Jones

Gareth Evans

Association Trustees: R Barron, J S Bailey, B Lightfoot

Angling Development Team

All the members of our Angling Development team have received Angling coach training from the Angling trust.

They also have been DBS checked and have first aid training.

Steph Banks Level 2 Lead Angling coach

Gareth Evans Level 2 Lead Angling coach

Nick Richards Level 2 Lead Angling coach

Mark Leathwood Level 2 Lead Angling Coach

Wendy Hainey Level 1 Angling coach

Conner Rathbone Level 1 Angling coach

Matty Banks Level 1 Angling Coach

Jack Johnson Level 1 Angling Coach

Andy Boardman Level 1 Angling Coach

Max Johnson 1 Angling Coach

Mike Hawthorne 1 Angling Coach

Bailiffs contact list 

General Bailiffs not associated with a particular water

Aron Speed

Alan Speed

Joshua Andrew

Ash Brook & River Weaver Hunting Bridge.

Graham Bayliss: 07717 471220 

Upper River Weaver & River Weaver behind Top Flash.

Steve Smith: 07706 827972

River Weaver Kitchen Meadow & Millfields

Steve Smith: 07706 827972

River Weaver Marina to Newbridge

Tony Jones: 07866 745089 

River Dane, Bottom Flash - Ways Green & Rilshaw Meadow

Mike Ledwards: 07596 965152

River Weaver Acton Bridge

Dave Mckee 07484 214511 


Andy Bell 07735 204954

Top Flash

Steve Smith: 07706 827972

Dan Boulton 07873 370008

Ocean Pool

 Shane Boyle 07541 476475

Newbridge Pool

Dave Mckee 07484 214511 

Marton Hole

Bert Reid: 07875 707208

National Pool & National Length River Weaver

Wayne Robinson: 07421 048796

Tommy's Hole.

Keith Andrew: 07832 222900 

Terminus Pool

Bert Reid: 07875 707208

Wyvern House Pool

Steve Smith: 07706 827972

Association Officials & Bailiffs 

If you would like to become involved and help out the club, by becoming a volunteer Bailiff on one of our waters or become an official, please contact us using the online chat,

leave your details and tell us what you are interested in doing,

we will get back to you as soon as possible with further information.

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