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Bats can be seen on most of our waters, Top Flash has a healthy population of Bats, you are most likely to see pipistrelle bats as they are the most common types in the UK, though other species have been spotted at other locations, The ocean has bats and we think they might be horseshoe bats unless you can tell us different.  Newpool also has a good Bat population with more than one species seen there.

Bats emerge from their roosts just after sunset, and can be seen swooping around feeding on insects, they will spend between two to five hours feeding and each bat can eat up to 3000 insects per night, they take breaks from feeding every so often in temporary roosts, they will return to their main roost when they've finished feeding, they will hibernate over winter, with some bat species not waking until as late as May. Bats use echo loaction sounds to navigate around and hunt insects, but the sound is a very high frequency that is higher than human hearing detect, you can get bat detectors that lower the frequency so we can hear what they sound like.

Bats are a fully protected species in the UK and it is an offence to tamper with bat roosts or capture bats. 

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