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River Weaver

Newbridge Island River Weaver pegs not numbered

Meadowbank; 1-35 This is not a WDAA Water, please contact Meadowbank Anglers

Vacuum; Pegs 36-75

National Pegs; 76-112

Ferry Steps; Pegs 113- 160

Red Lion; Pegs 161-193

Marina; Pegs; 194-213

Dockyard & Rilshaw; Pegs 214-231

Ways Green & Platts; no marked pegs

Aerosol; Pegs 553-569

Meadow Island; 570-597

Up to 3 Rods are allowed on all sections of River

provided you have the Correct EA Rod licence

Day Tickets available for non members £4 Click below...  (Dawn til Dusk)

or £5 from the bailiff on the Bankside on the stretches allowed (see below)


No Night fishing on Newbridge Island
Fishing available JUNE 16th to MARCH 14th

The association controls the fishing all around the bridge island and the two banks on the main road side. The fishing here can be good summer and winter, especially for the pike in winter, spinner or dead bait under the float working best. Skimmers and Roach the mainstay of the sport on the tip or pole ,and large perch patrol the walls. 
The area was an intensive saltworks and the swing bridge is a  reminder of the areas history. More details of the areas history can be found on the information boards around the weaver parkway, two of
which are located by the wdaa length of newbridge river. 
This is the end of WDAA controlled lengths.


Day tickets are available on the bank. 

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VACUMM Pegs 36-75
Fishing available June 16th to March 14th (48 hour night fishing is allowed)


Right behind the salt mines, this area is very popular with dog walkers and cyclists, so beware of your pole and do not block the path on the 'bend'. Large Carp and Pike inhabit this slow, deep length, and the usual shoals of Bream, Eels and Roach, plus the occasional Tench. Spinning or deadbaits for the Pike and boily on the far margins for the Carp as they pass through. Feeder or pole for the skimmers and Bream. 
Public notice boards on the top of the bank give some insight into the areas salt history and are well worth a look.

Access is either from Newbridge, or the National car park,a key is required for the car park.

A trolley or barrow is advised.
Night fishing is available for 48hrs. No booking on is required


NATIONAL Pegs  76-112
Fishing Available June 16th to March 14th  48 hour night fishing is allowed
Postcode CW7 3AL 

This is a main match length,regular with the clubs because of the regular catches of roach, bream and skimmers to double figures.
Pole or feeder work, also holds good pike and occasional carp. High banks underfoot and a few swims are currently closed by the
Park Rangers due to unstable banking . Again very popular with cyclists and dog walkers.

Access is from the National car park for which a key is required for the track down to the car park. 
Night fishing available for 48hrs No Booking on is required, but be aware of the match bookings.

FERRY STEPS Pegs 113-160
Fishing Available June 16th to MARCH 15th  48 hour Night Fishing is allowed 
Postcode CW7 3BU

The river here is in the weaver parkway, so expect walkers,dogs and bikes! It holds bream shoals, that may not show until the evening, and also is a good area for the carp that pass through, with most pellets and boilies working.
Parts of the old bankings remain in places as this area used to be a  crowded salt industry and it can be deep close in. Evidence is all along the river of its Victorian history . It has also harbored odd large eels in the past. Roach,perch,tench and pike are also present. Beware of passing barges when targeting the carp or multiple rod setups. Do NOT use a bivvy, open faced
umbrellas or ovals only to be used and do not set up on the path!  Parts of the Weaver parkway may be used from time to time for public
events such as the festivals. All attempts will be made to post any dates on here as and when known. 


Night fishing is available for 48hrs No booking on required, fishing is at your own risk.