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Over 65's, Ladies and Junior anglers only

pool size approx. 0.5 acre

NO night fishing allowed
12 months fishing allowed
Postcode CW7 1AD

Please be aware there are double yellow lines on the road that goes past the side of the pool, parking on the grass behind the double yellow lines can still get you a parking ticket.


Mark Leathwood: 07494 544494

Lee Saville 07804 141499

Dave Howe 07734 059834

Current fish stock.


Crucian Carp

F1 Crucians









Signal Crayfish

There may even be a catfish!

Only to be fished by Over 65's, Ladies & Juniors anglers. 

12 months fishing allowed

Float fishing only

This pool is amazing, it holds all sorts of fish species, and a few others you might not expect... due to overgrown pets being released into the the pool

The are large quantities of roach, crucian carp, tench, carp, Pike, Perch and Goldfish !!

And maybe even a catfish, though no one has caught it since it was allegedly released into the pool.

there are also a couple of terrapins around, and signal crayfish are also present.

Barbel and Chubb were stocked into the pool in February 2022

 All litter and line is to be removed from your peg before and after fishing. you will be held responsible for any litter found in or near your peg.

Do not aggravate, pester or generally annoy the swans, ducks or whatever other wildlife is around.

Maximum line strength to be used is 5lbs. Only float fishing is allowed.  
Hooks no  bigger than a size 14 to be used. 
Angling from marked pegs only.

Please respect the high profile surroundings as we are only allowed to fish this water if we satisfy the Council that we are responsible anglers. If we do not treat the wildlife and surroundings with respect we will lose 
the rights to fish here. It's your choice - abuse it and lose it! The pool is now open all year round for angling

No keep-nets to be used between march 15th and June 16th under any circumstances.

The Pool is adjacent to the lifestyle centre on the Drumber.

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