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Winsford & District Angling Association

What is a Constitution and why do we have one?

a constitution is body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a club or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.

W.D.A.A.  Constitution


1. Name


The Association shall be called the “Winsford and District Angling Association”

(hereinafter referred to as ‘The Association’).


2. Objects


The objects of the Association are:

2.1) To promote good fellowship amongst anglers.

2.2) To provide and maintain fisheries in agreement with respective landowners, that are suitable to              allow safe angling without detriment to the environment.


2.3) To encourage competition angling by the promotion of contests.


2.4) To encourage angling development to young anglers, beginners, and improvers through education          and by the promotion of assisted sessions. 


2.5) To control and stock waters owned or rented by the Association.


2.6) To cooperate with the Environment Agency and other authorities. concerned with the purity of                rivers and other waters and to prevent the pollution thereof.


2.7) To promote the interests of anglers, and of angling in general.


3. Membership


3.1) The membership year shall run from June 1st to May 31st in the following year.

3.2) The following classes of individual membership shall be available:


a, Adult (18 - 64 years age inclusive)

b, Junior (12 - 17 years of age inclusive)

c, Over 65’s (65 years of age and over)

d, Spectator. (18 Years and over)

e, Concession (Disabled) Permit 

3.3) Under 12’s may fish for free during daytime hours and do not require a permit. However, they must          be accompanied by an Association member over the age of 18 (either an angling or non-angling              member).


3.4) A night sticker shall be available to all categories of membership to cover night fishing on all waters        where this is permitted.


3.5) A ‘close season’ sticker shall be available to adult members to cover fishing certain still waters               during the close season - April and May.


3.6) Over 65’s and Junior members do not need a ‘close season’ sticker and may fish all waters that are          open throughout the year.



4. Affiliation of Clubs


4.1) Any bona-fide angling club may apply to the Committee for affiliation to the Association.


4.2) Annual affiliation fees shall be set at the AGM and are payable by August 1st; or in the case of new            affiliations, they are payable upon acceptance.


4.3) Affiliated clubs must have at least 15 members and purchase 15 permits (if the club does not have            the minimum required then it will be at the Committee’s discretion to allow affiliation).


4.4) Affiliated Club Secretaries must submit the names and addresses of all members with permit                  numbers.


4.5) No affiliated club shall own or attempt to gain any water within the former Urban District of                    Winsford for their own use, without first offering it to The Association.