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3.2 acres in size
Postcode CW7 2PX 

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Bailiff; Bert Reid 07875 707208

This water requires a close season Sticker to fish during the closed season April / May each year

Please take care on this water, some of the banks are very steep, and the water is 12 foot deep at one rod length out in some places,

at its deepest it's up to 60 foot deep

Fishing is allowed from the marked areas only and half the banking is closed to angling.

The Day Swim is now closed from 09/02/21 due to unstable ground.

If in doubt contact the bailiff. 
Access to Marton hole is from Whitegate station car park, Walk along Whitegate Way from the far end of the car park for about 250m, you will see a gate on the right with a WDAA Padlock attached, open the gate and follow the footpath across the field to the lake and across a field.


A key for the car park is available. and a Seperate key is required for the Field gate