To fish certain waters in the close season you will need a work party sticker in your current WDAA permit.

To obtain a FREE work party sticker you can attend a 4 hour work party.

or you can purchase a work party sticker on this website for £20

If you currently have a Juvenile or Over 65's permit you do not need a work party sticker.

and can continue to fish the waters that are open. 

To Fish  New Pool, Newbridge Marton Hole from 1st to 31st May 2021

& Top Flash (from 2nd May)

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements about this year's Work Parties.​

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Work Party - News

Winsford Anglers Announcement Re - Work Parties

We were hoping to hold Work parties during March for this year’s close season. unfortunately, it looks like this will not be possible during March due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

So, this year waters will remain open for all Anglers in April, apart from Rivers which are closed for the mandatory close season and Top Flash which is closed to all Anglers in April.

Work party sticker holders will be able to Fish Marton Hole, Newpool and Newbridge pool from May 1st to May 31st and Top Flash from May 2nd.

For those that want Work party sticker We normally require 8 hours attendance of a work party, but this will now be reduced to 4 hours to allow fishing in May, we intend arrange 4-hour work parties in April when the restriction rules are relaxed a bit more.

Anyone that has already done a 4-hour work party will get a sticker for May, and anyone that has already done the full 8 hours will get a work party sticker and £20 price reduction on next seasons Permit. For those that have already purchased a work party sticker at £40 they will be able to claim a £20 reduction on the new 2021 permit.

Work party Stickers will still be available to Buy for fishing in May but at a reduced cost of £20 for those that can’t make it to work parties.

Juniors and over 65's are exempt from this and can fish as normal.

If you have any questions regarding this please send us a private message.