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All the news from around the Association

New Season Permits

Are now available at Daves of Middlewich, Swanlow Lane post office and Vale Royal Angling.

They will also be available  from HF Angling during the course of next week.



30/04/22 Top Flash.

Top Flash is open May 2nd for Work Party Sticker  Holders only During May

Night bookings a strictly 12 Noon on the day of booking until 12 noon the next day.

If the gate is closed you CAN NOT drive down to the pool and any night fishing must park at the top car park, 

NO Cars Poolside overnight!




25/04/22 Top Flash

A reminder that Top Flash is currently CLOSED

No Prebaiting or NO Walking around the pool

31/03/22 Close Season restricted still waters

THe Following waters are Restricted to Work party sticker holders only from April 1st to May 31st

Marton Hole, Newpool and Newbridge pool

Top Flash is open from May 2nd to May 31st for Work party sticker holders.

If you don't have a sticker you can still buy one on our website 

Juniors and Over 65's  are exempt and can fish all open waters.




Newpool, Newbridge pool and Marton Hole are only open to Work party sticker holders only from April 1st to May 31st

Top Flash re-opns on May 2nd to Work party sticker holders only until May 31st.

Juniors and Over 65's are exempt and can fish all open waters right through

23/03/22 Newpool

There will be a Work Party at Newpool on Sunday 27/03/22 9.30am

the work will involve repairing and clearing the feeder stream.



14/03/22 Newpool

Peg one is closed until further notice, while line is removed from the trees around the peg.

Please DO NOT cast into areas where your line will get caught in trees.


14/03/22 All Rivers  

Today is the last day of the River season, The Rivers are Closed from Tomorrow 15/03/22 and reopen on 16th June 2022.

Rilshaw Lane and Ways Green will remain open as Bottom Flash is classed as a Lake.


08/03/22 Marton Hole

There will be a Work Party at Marton Hole on 12/03/22 staring at 9am meeting at the far end of whitegate station car park


03/03/22 National Pool

Today 100lb of roach were stocked at national pool  along with some nice tench and a bonus bream.

Thanks to all involved 


03/03/22 Newbridge pool

There will be a work party on Saturday 05/03/22 at 10am, to remove a fallen tree from the water plus other works.

 NEWS 21/02/22  NEWPOOL

A work party will held at Newpool on Saturday 26th February, Starting at 9.30am

The work will include clearing fallen trees from the recent storms, and if there is time clearing the inlet stream.

Waders or wellies are a must.


News 16/02/22

Notice to hold the WDAA Annual General Meeting.

This years AGM will be held at Wharton Conservative Club

16th March 2022 at 7.30pm

You will need your current permit with you to gain entry.


News 27/01/22


A reminder that Top Flash is Closed from 1st Feb and reopens to work party Sticker holders on 2nd May.

the pool opens to all anglers on 1st June.

Junior and over 65's permit holders are exempt from work party sticker the requirement


News All Waters


Happy New year to everyone,

Please be aware some of our still waters are frozen over at the moment

NEWS 15/11/21



The next work party for members, will be on Newpool on Saturday 20th November 9.30am start.

Gate repairs and clearing the inlet stream.

A big thanks to all those who attended the last work party on the 3rd October.

News 30/10/21

All Waters Reminders

1, No Retaining carp for any reason other than a very short recovery period.

2, Dogs are not allowed to accompany Anglers on any of our waters.

3, Anyone night fishing that leaves solid human waste on the bank WILL BE BANNED from WDAA

4, Night fishing is 24 hour sessions only on Newpool, Top Flash, Newbridge pool, And Tommy's Hole. 

27/09/21 News items will be returning shortly


News 19/07/21


All stretches of the River Severn are currently closed to ALL Anglers due to water levels and low oxygen levels

News 12/06/21

From 12/06/21 Permits are available again at 

Swanlow Lane Post Office


News 30/05/21

The fish are currently Spawning at NEWPOOL the pool is closed until this activity has ended.

The Fish at TOP FLASH are spawning in some areas of the pool,

Please fish into open open water in areas where they are spawning


WDAA News 11/05/21

WDAA now have a new Members only Facebook page, you will need your next season permit number to join the group, you will not be allowed to join without it. New permits are on Sale now From this website and over the counter at Daves of Middlewich, Vale Royal Angling and HF Angling. Also anyone giving the current season permit numbers which expires in a couple of weeks will be declined as this group is for members over the next 12 months.

This page will remain open and will be for general information about the Club,

The new group will have more in depth information about our waters and what's going on in the Club.

link to the new members only page below.



WDAA News 30/04/21

Top Flash reopens this Sunday, for Work party sticker holders only. It opens to all permit holders on June 1st

WDAA News 18/04/21

The Work on the Car park and pegs 2-6 on Newpool have now been completed by the contractor giving us a tidy car park with extra parking and mud free pegs from 2-6


WDAA News 14/04/21

Due to Demand our new 2021/22 Permits are now on Presale only on this website. You can buy your new permit which will be posted out to you in Mid May when we receive them from our suppliers.

They will also be available from our usual outlets to buy over the counter again from around Mid May.


WDAA News 07/04/21

A work party will be held a Terminus pool on 11/04/21 start time 10am

WDAA News 03/04/21

Marton Hole - A gate has been installed by the farmer where we normally access the field to the pool of Whitegate way.

A Winsford anglers lock has been installed on the gate, you will need a normal WDAA gate key to open it,

The Marton Hole car park key will NOT fit this lock as the car park belongs to the council the lock and key on the car park gate is supplied by them. 

Also thanks to everyone that attended the Newpool work party on 03/04/21, they have all received a work party sticker to fish in May this year.  more work parties will be announced soon on our facebook page.

WDAA News 30/03/21

There will be a work party at newpool Saturday 3rd April 9am till 1pm. As a result, pegs 2 to 6 will be closed to anglers Friday evening 2nd April until Saturday 3rd 1pm.

WDAA NEWS 14/03/21

Please remember that the Rivers are closed from March 15th and will reopen on June 16th

WDAA NEWS 11/03/21

Due to Demand, the New 2021/22 Permits will be on sale to PRE ORDER in Early April, and will be Posted out in Mid May when we receive them hot from the Printers,

These are Valid from 1st June 2021 and Expire next year on 31st May 2022.

Plus the Good news is that all Prices are Frozen and they will be the same price as this years Permits.


WDAA NEWS 03/03/21

2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We will not be holding an AGM this year due to ongoing Covid-19 Restrictions.

However there will be an AGM page on this website, which will go live on the 11th March which is the date the AGM would have taken place.

WDAA NEWS 28/02/21

Winsford Anglers Announcement Re - Work Parties

We were hoping to hold Work parties during March for this year’s close season. unfortunately, it looks like this will not be possible during March due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

So, this year waters will remain open for all Anglers in April, apart from Rivers which are closed for the mandatory close season and Top Flash which is closed to all Anglers in April.

Work party sticker holders will be able to Fish Marton Hole, Newpool and Newbridge pool from May 1st to May 31st and Top Flash from May 2nd.

For those that want Work party sticker We normally require 8 hours attendance of a work party, but this will now be reduced to 4 hours to allow fishing in May, we intend arrange 4-hour work parties in April when the restriction rules are relaxed a bit more.

Anyone that has already done a 4-hour work party will get a sticker for May, and anyone that has already done the full 8 hours will get a work party sticker and £20 price reduction on next seasons Permit. For those that have already purchased a work party sticker at £40 they will be able to claim a £20 reduction on the new 2021 permit.

Work party Stickers will still be available to Buy for fishing in May but at a reduced cost of £20 for those that can’t make it to work parties.

Juniors and over 65's are exempt from this and can fish as normal.

If you have any questions regarding this please send us a private message via the website chat.


WDAA News 31/01/21

From Monday 01/02/21 Top Flash is closed and will reopen on  May 02nd for work party sticker holders.

Juniors and Over 65's do not require a work part sticker and can fish it from this date.

It will reopen to all members on 1st June.

Also the River Weaver Behind Top Flash is also closed from 01/02/21 and will reopen on the 16th June.

WDAA News 07/01/21

As of 07/01/2021 ALL WDAA waters will reopen

Day Fishing only Strictly no Night fishing

This is due to the new national Covid-19 lockdown

WDAA NEWS 05/01/2021

Due to the Government's National Covid-19 Lockdown

All WDAA Waters are closed from 05/01/21

We will review the situation when the Lockdown rules changed.  

WDAA & January 2021 Lockdown - 04/01/21

We are Awaiting clarification from the Angling trust as to whether our waters can remain open or have to close.

As soon as we have any more information we will let you know.

WDAA NEWS 03/01/21

Happy New year to all our Members

Tier 4 Fishing is still allowed as long as you fish local to your home and and do no cross into another tier level to fish.

Currently most still waters are frozen over. please check before arriving to fish.

Covid News 02/12/20

Please Click on the link above for the latest Angling Trust Covid advice.

on Tier 1 -2 and 3 from December 02nd 2020

Also be aware the above link will take you to the Angling Trust website

For any news relating to upcoming Matches please contact the Match Secretary Details Below.

Match Secretary: Steve Flood; 07864 304430

Covid News 02/11/20

Until we hear different Day and night fishing will still be available.

If that Changes we will let you know

Any Night bookings made after Wednesday may be cancelled if Night fishing is not allowed under the Lockdown-2 rules that come into force on Thursday.

News 01/10/20

No news is good news so they say!

it's been awhile since this page was updated, due being busy with other things.

Despite the lockdown earlier in the year, it's been an interesting year so far, with early problems getting permits printed, and ongoing permit availability, we have managed to keep up with demand for this years permits.

We are entering what should be work party season, but the current covid rule of 6 and further restrictions on the horizon, it could be awhile before we are able to do any meaningful work parties,  but keep an eye on our Facebook page as any workparites will be announced on there.


News: 29/06/20

Work Party - New Pool - there will be a work party at new pool Sunday 12th July 2020

9am - 1pm. Carrying out repairs to pegs 2/3, applying wood chippings to all pegs and walkways and clearing low over hanging branches in the water.

The pool will be closed from 8am. Anyone fishing Sat 11th night needs to vacate the pool at 8am the next day.

To ensure social distancing we are limiting member attendees to 10.

Please comment on the facebook post to say if you will be attending. Please don’t say you will and then fail.

This work party will give you 4hrs towards the required 8 for an overstamp.



News: 21/06/20

At long last the new permits have arrived, they are now available from Daves of Middlewich and Swanlow Lane post office.

You can of course still buy you permit from this website, just click join us on the menu above. 

Anyone that has a permit that was updated from last year will keep that permit until the end of May 2021


News 15/06/20

We have just had a report that people are going into Daves of Middlewich asking for Winsford cards as we are no longer selling them online??

Until we get a new batch of permits the ONLY place to get a Winsford card is on this website

We will Also be selling permits at Newbridge car park this Thursday between 7-8pm.

Permits will back in the stores as soon as we can, but it may be a week or two yet.

If anyone has any problems using the online store please contact me via the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen

News 14/06/20




News 13/06/20

We will be holding another permit Sale at Newbridge pool on Thursday next week 7pm to 8pm ish,

CASH or DEBIT / CREDIT CARD payments available.

I will not be selling permits at my door, please do not just turn up as I will not be able to sell you one.

Permits are also availabe from www.winsford-anglers.com they are posted out next day 1st class post, apart from the weekend. All weekend sales will go into the post on Mondays.

Due to the Virus we do not have permits available to sell via the post office or tackle shops yet.

WDAA 2020/21 Prices 

Permits are valid from 1st June 2020 to 31st May 2021.

Junior Permit Age 12 - 16  £5

Adult  Permit  Age 17 and over  £45

Over 65's  Permit age 65+  £20

Spectator Permit (Non Angling)  £5

Night Fishing Permit Sticker  £25

WDAA Access key  £5

Work Party Sticker for April / May 2021  £40 

Key for Newpool/Newbridge/Acton Bridge £5

River Weaver Kissing Gate / Radar key £5

News 31/05/20

Current Permits expire on 31st May, From 1st June you will need a new 2020/21 Permit.

You can purchase permits here on this website,

or we will be at Newbridge pool this Wednesday 03/06/20 from 6pm-7pm where you can renew your membership or join as a new member, we will be able to take Cash or Credit / Debit cards as payment . 

WDAA 2020/21 Prices 

Permits are valid from 1st June 2020 to 31st May 2021.

Junior Permit Age 12 - 16  £5

Adult  Permit  Age 17 and over  £45

Over 65's  Permit age 65+  £20

Spectator Permit (Non Angling)  £5

Night Fishing Permit Sticker  £25

WDAA Access key  £5

Work Party Sticker for April & May 2021  £40 

News 30/05/20

Permit sales - due to the continued success of the past two events we will be down at newbridge pool again on

Wednesday 03rd June between 6-7pm. All permits will be available to purchase and card payments are available.

Also Newbridge pool will be closed from 6pm until the next morning to carry out some essential maintenance work.


News 28/05/20

Thanks to all those that turned up to buy a permit at Newbridge this evening, Enjoy your fishing From June 1st.

You can still buy a permit from the website just click on the "join us " button in the above menu.


News 25/05/20

Permit sales - due to the success of the last event we will be down at newbridge pool again on Thursday 28th May between 7-8pm. All permits will be available to purchase and card payments are available.

We have had early confirmation from the top flash landowner that we will be able to re open on the 16th June. We will keep you updated when we get final Confirmation.

News 20/05/20

Plenty of people buying permits at last nights permit sale at Newbridge. remember new memberships start on June 1st.

We may do it again at the end of the month if there is enough interest.

Also the Carp are showing signs of spawning at Newpool, please do not fish in the areas where there is spawning activity. The pool may be closed if required. 


News 18/05/20

For those that don't want to buy online, Permits will be sold at Newbridge pool Tuesday 19/05/20 from 6.45pm

We will be able to take Cash and card payments. please observe. Social distancing if you are coming to buy a permit

Of course you can still buy them on this website

WDAA 2020/21 Prices 

Permits are valid from 1st June 2020 to 31st May 2021.

Junior Permit Age 12 - 16  £5

Adult  Permit  Age 17 and over  £45

Over 65's  Permit age 65+  £20

Spectator Permit (Non Angling)  £5

Night Fishing Permit Sticker  £25

WDAA Access key  £5

Work Party Sticker for May 2020  £40 

News; 12/05/20 please note the following from the announcement below !

Top Flash - Unfortunately after discussion with the land owner we are not in a position to open this water. This is due to the land owner and local residents shielding as vulnerable due to COVID-19. We fully respect this decision and ask members to do the same. This will be reviewed again on or before June 16th. Please do not visit top flash even for a walk.

Rilshaw Lane/Dockyard - Will reopen on Wednesday 13th May to current members only. NO DAY TICKETS until June 16th

COVID-19 Update - 11/05/2020