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All the news from around the Association

Website 18/11 22

The website is currently undergoing a bit of an overhaul, you may not notice things changing as a lot of what's happening is background stuff.

one of the main changes is the requirement to register and supply a picture of yourself when buy a permit or want to be a site member, this is so permits can have a picture and address details put on them before they are sent out, it will also help our bailiffs to identify who they are speaking to with on the bank.

All of our member accounts are set to private, so only WDAA admins will be able to see your details.




Newbridge Pool And River Weaver 10/11/22


The Canal & Rivers trust will be carrying out essential works to the Bridges at Newbridge.

The bridge’s will be closed to all road and foot traffic for the entire period of the works,

the work will commence on 28/11/22 and is due to be completed on 17/03/23,

the River and Newbridge pool can still be accessed from Moulton via the tunnels.

There will be no fishing available on the island and possibly any pegs on the Bradford road side of the river.




The Ocean 20/09/22

Parking and access for the Ocean is just past knights grange pub, please DO NOT park on the Fairways estate

or along Grange Lane.  



River Severn 06/09/22

The locks on the gates at the River severn require a pin number to open them.

you can obtain the pin number by sending a private message to Robert Ledwards our Fisheries Manager 


National Pool


Unfortunately National pool has had an algae bloom, which has caused an oxygen crash, this has resulted in the deaths of many of the fish in the pool, Aerators were deployed to the pool but it was too late to save most of the fish.

We would advise not to allow Dogs to swim in the pool.



All Waters


Due to the ongoing heatwaves and low water levels

Members are requested to voluntarily minimise the amount of bait being used on our waters.

There is already a bait restriction on Newpool of 1 kilo maximum bait per angler per 24 hours.

Water quality is being monitored across all our waters. The use of spombs/spods/mass baiting tools is also being reviewed pending any possible restrictions.

Finally a reminder that barbecues are banned across all our waters.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

National pool & National Length River Weaver



The Lock at National has now been replaced

National pool & National Length River Weaver


The track down to the National car park is currently closed

This is due to an act of vandalism.

Someone has smashed the lock of its chain and the lock has disappeared, the gate is now now locked with a temporary lock 

The lock will be replaced as soon as possible. 

The new lock when fitted will use the same national pool key.



Johnny Johnson


We have sad news to bring you, Johnny Johnson Has passed away last week, Johnny was a Bailiff on Newbridge Pool for many years and served on the WDAA Committee.




River Severn


Due to the current hot weather conditions all sections of the river Severn are closed until further notice



New Season Permits

Are now available at Daves of Middlewich, Swanlow Lane post office and Vale Royal Angling.

They will also be available  from HF Angling during the course of next week.



30/04/22 Top Flash.

Top Flash is open May 2nd for Work Party Sticker  Holders only During May

Night bookings a strictly 12 Noon on the day of booking until 12 noon the next day.

If the gate is closed you CAN NOT drive down to the pool and any night fishing must park at the top car park, 

NO Cars Poolside overnight!




25/04/22 Top Flash

A reminder that Top Flash is currently CLOSED

No Prebaiting or NO Walking around the pool

31/03/22 Close Season restricted still waters

THe Following waters are Restricted to Work party sticker holders only from April 1st to May 31st

Marton Hole, Newpool and Newbridge pool

Top Flash is open from May 2nd to May 31st for Work party sticker holders.

If you don't have a sticker you can still buy one on our website 

Juniors and Over 65's  are exempt and can fish all open waters.




Newpool, Newbridge pool and Marton Hole are only open to Work party sticker holders only from April 1st to May 31st

Top Flash re-opns on May 2nd to Work party sticker holders only until May 31st.

Juniors and Over 65's are exempt and can fish all open waters right through

23/03/22 Newpool

There will be a Work Party at Newpool on Sunday 27/03/22 9.30am

the work will involve repairing and clearing the feeder stream.



14/03/22 Newpool

Peg one is closed until further notice, while line is removed from the trees around the peg.

Please DO NOT cast into areas where your line will get caught in trees.


14/03/22 All Rivers  

Today is the last day of the River season, The Rivers are Closed from Tomorrow 15/03/22 and reopen on 16th June 2022.

Rilshaw Lane and Ways Green will remain open as Bottom Flash is classed as a Lake.


08/03/22 Marton Hole

There will be a Work Party at Marton Hole on 12/03/22 staring at 9am meeting at the far end of whitegate station car park


03/03/22 National Pool

Today 100lb of roach were stocked at national pool  along with some nice tench and a bonus bream.

Thanks to all involved 


03/03/22 Newbridge pool

There will be a work party on Saturday 05/03/22 at 10am, to remove a fallen tree from the water plus other works.

 NEWS 21/02/22  NEWPOOL

A work party will held at Newpool on Saturday 26th February, Starting at 9.30am

The work will include clearing fallen trees from the recent storms, and if there is time clearing the inlet stream.

Waders or wellies are a must.


News 16/02/22

Notice to hold the WDAA Annual General Meeting.

This years AGM will be held at Wharton Conservative Club

16th March 2022 at 7.30pm

You will need your current permit with you to gain entry.


News 27/01/22


A reminder that Top Flash is Closed from 1st Feb and reopens to work party Sticker holders on 2nd May.

the pool opens to all anglers on 1st June.

Junior and over 65's permit holders are exempt from work party sticker the requirement


News All Waters


Happy New year to everyone,

Please be aware some of our still waters are frozen over at the moment

NEWS 15/11/21



The next work party for members, will be on Newpool on Saturday 20th November 9.30am start.

Gate repairs and clearing the inlet stream.

A big thanks to all those who attended the last work party on the 3rd October.

News 30/10/21

All Waters Reminders

1, No Retaining carp for any reason other than a very short recovery period.

2, Dogs are not allowed to accompany Anglers on any of our waters.

3, Anyone night fishing that leaves solid human waste on the bank WILL BE BANNED from WDAA

4, Night fishing is 24 hour sessions only on Newpool, Top Flash, Newbridge pool, And Tommy's Hole. 

27/09/21 News items will be returning shortly


News 19/07/21