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Open From JUNE 16th to MARCH 14th 
no marked pegs No Night Fishing
postcode CW5 6ED 

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This is a very pleasant stretch of the river, not unlike the Dane, winding through the fields and overgrown in places. Pegs are where you find or make them, and it is well worth a day for the roaming angler who likes quiet secluded fishing.The river was stocked in 1990s with Chub, Dace and Barbel purchased from a very good source. The brood fish were Kennet and Avon fish and that stocking has been producing
results for a few years now ,Roach, Dace, Chub to 6lb, Barbel and even the odd Trout . The river also holds Perch and small pike . Unlike the Dane, there are very few Minnows in this stretch and consequently maggot is a very productive bait.  
The nearby EA monitoring station ensures regular license checks !

Access is from Lea Green lane and parking is at the side of the lane at the bottom taking care not to obstruct the farmers access to the fields. Walk down the track then turn left  (downhill) and through the gate.  Close all gates.


Open From JUNE 16th to MARCH 15th 
no marked pegs. No night fishing
postcode CW5 6ED

This small stream joins the river Weaver just below Hunting bridge where
WDAA have a small stretch. Narrow and overhung, it holds chub, roach,
perch and maybe even the odd barbel or trout and is often overlooked.

Access is from Hunting bridge as per the upper weaver.
Fishing is from the left side bank.