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Angling Development


Middlewich Joint Anglers

1st we have teamed up with the Canal & rivers Trust we have several of their lets fish sessions on our waters,

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Angling Development session bookings

All sessions are FREE,  and you DO NOT need a WDAA permit or Rod Licence to attend.

Click on the session below that you are interested in to book your place.

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Click below for information and location of the waters being used for these sessions 

Junior Match series,

Whatever your skill level you can have a go,

our angling coach and volunteers will be on hand to help you out and get that net full of fish. 

What is it ?


This is a series of five matches, each of three hours duration, which has been organised jointly by Winsford & District AA and Middlewich Joint Anglers. 


When is it ?

The matches take place on alternate Sunday evenings during July and August.  On each date anglers should arrive to draw a peg at 5.30pm with the match itself beginning at 6.00pm and ending at 9.00pm.

The Ocean, Knight’s Grange, Winsford.     

River Weaver, National Length, Winsford.

Junior Match Presentation / Party  03/09/22 at Wharton Conservative club, please book a place so we have an idea of how many people to cater for. Winsford Town council Mayor will be attending to present the prizes.

Who is it for ?


The matches are open to anyone aged 17 years and under - regardless of gender or ethnicity.  You don’t have to be a member of either W&DAA or MJA to take part, although we do hope that you will want to join.

Anyone with a basic grasp of angling is welcome to take part.  Adult supervisors may help anglers with things like putting bait on the hook, or using a landing net to assist in landing fish. 

What are the rules ?


Only one rod (pole or whip) to be used at any one time.

Competitors must hook the fish themselves and play them until they can be landed.

Any carp (or specimen fish) caught are to be weighed and released immediately rather than placed in keep nets.

Competitors aged 12 or over must have an EA rod licence.

Competitors should have a parent / guardian present throughout.

How will the outcome be decided ?


The matches will be fished in two age groups; juniors (12 years and under) and seniors (13 to 17 years inclusive).

Points will be awarded at each match with the final places decided using an aggregate score of points collected across the series of five matches.  Points will be awarded as follows:


2 points   -  every angler who attends

4 points  - every angler who catches at least one fish

6 points - 3rd place (determined by combined weight of fish caught)

8 points  - 2nd place

10 points  - 1st place 


What will I need ?


Most anglers fishing matches tend to either float fish with a pole or whip, or with a rod and line.  The latter can also be used for ledgering (fishing on the bottom).  Anglers will also need some terminal tackle such as hooks, floats and split shot.  Ideally they should have a landing net to assist in landing any larger fish and, very importantly, a keep net in which to retain any fish caught so that they can be weighed in at the end of the match.


In addition to this anglers will need something to sit on and either a fishing umbrella or a set of waterproofs to wear in case of rain.  A hat is a good idea as it will offer some protection from either rain or sun.


Anglers should also bring any food and drink they might require - and hand sanitiser gel, to use before putting their hands anywhere near their mouths.


Finally, anglers will need to have some bait.  Popular choices for match fishing are maggots, casters, worms and bread.  If targeting bigger fish, baits such as sweetcorn or luncheon meat are worth a try.


We do have a small amount of tackle which can be loaned out to anyone wishing to take part but who hasn’t got suitable tackle of their own.  Please let us know in advance if you will need to borrow tackle. 


For more specific advice about fishing tackle the staff at Dave’s of Middlewich are extremely friendly and helpful and will be happy to assist.



Anything else ?


In order to comply with safeguarding requirements parents / guardians will be required to complete a consent form in advance of the match series (unless they have already done so for this year’s W&DAA angling development sessions).  The consent form may be downloaded here:


Please return it to Mark Leathwood:  m.leathwood@gmail.com 


Any queries may also be addressed directly to Mark, thank you.

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