Angling Development Match & session Results

 Match Result Tetton Lake 31/07/22


Dear All,

Apologies for the lateness of this report on Sunday’s junior match at Tetton.  I’ve had rather a hectic week !  Things should get a little easier from next week as I am closing my guitar tuition business for the rest of August in order to concentrate on coaching for the Canal & River Trust.

The third junior match in the series of five was again won by Shaun Harris with 7 lb. 15 oz. - making it three wins out of three !  Is there any stopping him, I wonder ?  Congratulations also go to Aidan Foster (pictured below) for catching his biggest fish to date, an impressive tench weighing 3 lb. 8 oz. which really did stretch his pole elastic.  

Our thanks to Middlewich Joint Anglers, especially to Steve Beech and Jack Towers,  for allowing us to fish Tetton and also for the generous provision of a complimentary MJA junior permit to all who fished.  Tetton really is a beautiful venue and a real credit to MJA.  Thank you also to Wendy Hainey and Steve Egersdorff for their invaluable assistance, and to all the parents that came along to help as well. 


The full results were as follows:


13 - 17 yrs:


1.       Shaun Harris          7 lb. 15 oz.   10 points

2.       Aidan Foster           4 lb. 8 oz.      8 points

3.       Max Reid                 1  lb. 11 oz.   6 points

4.       Charlie Parkinson   1 lb. 00 oz.   4 points

5.       Matty Banks            3 oz.              4 points

6        Max Beech               2 oz.             4 points


12 yrs. and under:


1.       Dominic Griffin                 did not weigh 2 points


The accumulated points total after three matches is as follows:


13 - 17 yrs:


1.       Shaun Harris                   30

2.       Max Reid                          22

3.       Aidan Foster                    16

4.       Max Beech                       12

5.=     Matty Banks                    10

5.=     Charlie Parkinson           10

7.       Sam Thomson                   8

8.       Kasper Machnik               6

9.       Micah Backhouse            4

10      Alex-Jay Senior                 2


12 yrs. and under:


1.       Dominic Griffin                 18

2.=     Charlie Mitchell                10

2.=     Jack Fray                          10

4.=     Eric Forbes                        2

4.=     Bailey Saunders               2


Here are the dates and locations for the remaining angling development sessions scheduled for the next few months.  Please note that, as the nights are beginning to draw in the last two junior matches will start half an hour earlier.


Fri. Aug. 12th   -           Trent & Mersey  Canal Tetton Lane Middlewich                    Canal & River Trust         ‘Let’s Fish’                     9.30am - 4.00pm


Sun. Aug. 14th  -           The Ocean    Knights Grange Winsford     Draw 5pm           WDAA / MJA Junior Match Series 4                    5.30pm - 8.30pm


Fri. 26th Aug.    -           Wyvern House Pool  Winsford                                                  Canal & River Trust         ‘Let’s Fish’                     9.30am - 4.00pm


Sun. Aug. 28th  -           River Weaver   National Length Winsford    Draw  5pm       WDAA / MJA Junior Match Series 5                     5.30pm - 8.30pm           



Friday Sept. 2nd -          Wharton Conservative club.              -            Angling Development party and  Presentation of Prizes             5.30pm - 8.00pm



Sat. Sept. 10th  -           River Dane Croxton Lane Middlewich  with Steve Beech       River Fishing & Watercraft                                   9.00am - 12.00pm



Sat. Oct. 8th      -           River Weaver   Marina Winsford                                               Lure Fishing for pike and perch                              9.00am - 12.00pm                       

                                         with Mark Leathwood & Steve Egersdorff



Sat. Oct. 22nd   -           New Pool  Whitegate                                                                       Pike Fishing - winter tactics                                9.00am - 12.00pm                    

                                         with Mark Leathwood & Steve Egersdorff                                                                                           


For further details, or to book your place, please visit the Angling Development page at: 

                                                                               Click here to see what Winsford Anglers sessions are available

                                                                                Click here for the Canal & Rivers Trust Lets Fish sessions on our and other waters in the local area 

There are many other ‘Let’s Fish’ events taking place within a short distance of here and I really would recommend them to anyone who is new to angling or is looking to improve their existing skills.  The sessions are of 50 minutes duration, with tackle and bait provided and 1:1 tuition offered by a fully qualified and licensed angling coach.  There is no limit to how many of these events you can attend.  In fact it’s recommended that beginners perhaps attend two or three before deciding whether or not to invest in their own fishing tackle.


There will be ongoing support for beginners through our own angling development program.  I am currently looking at possibilities which will the momentum going over the winter months, with a number of indoor sessions to learn more about tackle choice, different types of waters, fish and ways to set up.  Also to try and provide an even better and more comprehensive list of events for 2023.


If you have any questions, or if I can be of further help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Mark Leathwood

Angling Development Officer

Winsford & District AA 

Junior Match River Weaver Marina 24/07/22

Dear All,

Yesterday’s junior match was fished by 10 very brave young anglers who turned out despite dreadful weather during the afternoon and early evening.  The rain did eventually clear up later on and all but one of the competitors caught some fish.  As in the first match, top rod was Shaun Harris (pictured below), with Max Reid second again, but in much closer contention this time.  Only two fished in the 12 yrs. and under category.  The winner was Charlie Mitchell with a hard earned 4 oz, closely followed by Dominic Griffin with 3 oz.  

The full results were as follows:


Ages 13 - 17

1. Shaun Harris            5 lb. 6 oz. 10 points

2. Max Reid                  4 lb.            8 points

3. Charlie Parkinson    3 lb. 2 oz.  6 points

4. Aidan Foster             15 oz.         4 points

5. Max Beech               12 oz.          4 points

6. Sam Thomson          10 oz.         4 points

7. Micah Backhouse     4 oz.           4 points  

8. Matty Banks -                               2 points

Ages 12 and under


1. Charlie Mitchell       4 oz.              10 points

2. Dominic Griffin        3 oz.               8 points

So, with two matches now fished the league tables are as follows:

Ages 13 - 17


1. Shaun Harris          20 points

2. Max Reid                16 points

3.= Max Beech            8 points

3.= Aidan Foster         8 points

3.= Sam Thomson      8 points

6.= Matty Banks         6 points

6.= Kasper Machnik   6 points

8. Micah Backhouse  4 points

9. Alex-Jay Senior      2 points

Ages 12 and under


1. Charlie Mitchell      16 points

1. Dominic Griffin       16 points

3. Jack Fray                10 points

4.= Eric Forbes            2 points

4.= Bailey Saunders   2 points



Finally, a big thank you to PCSO’s Kim Bowyer and Stephen Bishop for their invaluable support in helping to secure funding from Cheshire Police’s ‘Crime Beat’ fund.  This award will enable us to buy some really nice prizes for our young anglers, which we hope will help them in their ongoing development and enjoyment of our sport.


I look forward to seeing you soon,


Mark Leathwood

Marina Match.jfif

Junior Match held at Newpool 03/07/22

Last night's junior match at New Pool was fished in quite challenging conditions, with a strong northerly wind clearly affecting the behaviour of the fish. Nevertheless, eleven of the thirteen competitors caught fish, with only those who chose to specifically target the carp missing out on the action. In hindsight, this was always going to be a gamble, especially when limited to the use of one rod in a three hour time frame.

The winner of the 17 yrs. and under age group was Shaun Harris with an impressive catch of 11 lbs. 8 oz. This included a stunning bream of 7 lbs. 8 oz. (pictured below) caught using swim feeder tactics. The winner of the 12 yrs. and under age group was Jack Fray, with 9 oz. of roach and perch. The full results were as follows:

17 yrs. and under:

1. Shaun Harris: 14 lbs. 10 oz. (10 points)

2. Max Reid: 3 lbs. 6oz. (8 points)

3. Kasper Machnik: 1 lb. 15 oz. (6 points)

4. Sam Thomson: 15 oz. (4 points)

5. Max Beech: 12 oz. (4 points)

6. Aidan Foster: 10 oz. (4 points)

7. Matty Banks: 12 oz. (4 points) - but would have been more, had there not been a large hole in his keep net !

8. Alex-Jay Senior (did not weigh in) (2 points)

12 yrs. and under:

1. Jack Fray: 9 oz. (10 points)

2. Dominic Griffin: 8 oz. (8 points)

3. Charlie Mitchell: did not weigh in but caught some fish (6 points)

4=. Bailey Saunders and Eric Forbes: did not weigh in (2 points each).

junior match.jpg
IMG_2575 (1).jpg

Angling Development event at the Ocean 08/05/22

Our second angling development session took place today at The Ocean, and was intended to help newcomers to carp fishing.  It was great to see this so well supported with 10 anglers fishing in the morning and another 4 in the afternoon.  


The larger carp proved to be very elusive with Dominic Griffin (12 yrs.) landing a 12 lb.  mirror carp using a pop-up bait in combination with a PVA bag at long range.  This was by far the biggest fish of the day, although quite a few baby carp were caught by those using float tackle.  Fortunately the rudd were much more obliging with most anglers catching a good number; including some very nice ones in the 10-12oz. bracket.  


When organising an event like this you never quite know how much angling experience the attendees will have, or what tackle they will bring.  We had 6 people using more specialised carp tactics and some were clearly very capable in this area already.  However, there was an opportunity for those who wished to try float fishing as well, and all who did caught fish and really enjoyed themselves.  It was good to see others learning completely new skills such as casting with a rod and line, and making excellent progress.


We have another ‘introduction to coarse fishing event’ at Wyvern House a fortnight today (May 22nd), followed by a second session at The Ocean a fortnight after that (June 5th).  This has been advertised as a ‘carp fishing for improvers’ day but I think our ability to run with this theme really will rather depend on some of our more experienced carp anglers being prepared to bring suitable tackle on the day and share their skills and knowledge with our aspiring juniors.  


My thanks, once again, to Steve Beech, Ben Smith, Andy Robbins and Steve Egersdorff for their invaluable help and support.  A big thank you also to our sponsor; Joe Leathwood of Greyhound Joinery, and to those who made very generous donations of bait and tackle to help make all of this possible.

Mark Leathwood.


Wyvern House Junior Event Held on 22/04/22

Our first coaching event of 2022 was held at Wyvern House Pool on Sunday 22nd April.  Its purpose was to provide an introduction to coarse fishing for newcomers, regardless of age or gender.  We were delighted to welcome 9 juniors and 1 lady angler on a day when conditions for fishing really couldn’t have been better.  Most had fished just once or twice before and brought some tackle along with them, some had never fished before but, thanks to a number of very generous donations of tackle from several individuals and from 'Dave’s of Middlewich’ and also bait supplied by 'HF Angling', Crewe, we were able to ensure that all our participants  were suitably equipped to fish.


Over the course of the three hour session all the participants caught fish; in fact most were counting as they went along and I don’t think anyone caught less than 20.  Some caught as many as 50, and most catches included some really nice quality rudd.


The session would not have worked half as well without the help and support of Mums and Dads and of fellow members, including several of the Association’s bailiffs.  This ensured that all the participants had 1-1 supervision and it was pleasing to see all the anglers developing their skills and their confidence as the session progressed.


Encouraging young anglers to begin fishing has always been one of the Association’s objectives, but we hope that this will be just the beginning in a new and exciting chapter.  In many ways this presents a greater challenge than in years gone by, not just because youngsters live in a different, high-tech world, but because of the safeguards and guarantees which now have to be put in place to ensure the personal safety and wellbeing of all involved.  


The Association is committed to doing all it can to promote angling and the coaching sessions we have planned will reflect the many different facets of coarse fishing today.  In providing a range of activities we hope that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  Above all, it’s going to be a lot of fun.  After all, that’s why we go fishing.     

Mark Leathwood.

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