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water safety

Waterways Safety

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What should you do if you fall into the water?

The advise from experts if FLOAT to live, try and control panic dont flap around or try to swim, get yourself facing upwards and lie flat with your arms and legs out stretched like a starfish, once you get your breath back call for help, if non is forthcoming stay on your back and float towards the bankside. if you are on the bank and see someone fall in do not enter the water to help them encourage the float and call 999

Any water bodies should be treated with respect as if you fall in you quickly get into trouble, as even in summer the water below the surface can be quite cold.

Most of our waters are shallow in the margins, but there are some exceptions, Marton Hole is the deepest water we control, and WDAA recommends that anglers do not fish alone on the pool, and Juniors are not allowed on the pool without an adult present. in most areas of the pool the margins are extreme and are well over 12 foot deep less than a rod length out (12ft) the pool averages about 35 feet in the middle with some deeper areas.

Other places to be aware of are Newbridge pool which is almost 6 feet deep in the margins. Tommy's Hole has jin clean water at some times of the year and looks from the bank to be just a few feet deep, but the bottom is made up of soft silt deposits, which extend down several more feet in places.  The river Weaver varies wildly in depth along its length, some of the deepest areas are along the Red lion length, also the stretch we have at Acton bridge is very deep as it is still dredged by the canal and rivers trust.

In summer you do tend to see people jumping of the Bridges at Newbridge and swimming to cool down, unfortuanatly when they are jumping in the cant see what is in the water, there could be any number of hazards on the river bed they could get caught in or hurt themselves, please report any of this activity to the police using the non emergency 101 number, obviosly if someone is in trouble call 999

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