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Online NIGHT BOOKINGS Instructions

You can visit this website on your computer, laptop or mobile device, or using with WDAA Wix app, click on “Book night fishing" 
This will take you to a login page if you have already created a login,  input your email address and password.

If you do not have an account please click Don't have an account?
Sign up and follow the instructions to set up an account, and then log in. 
once logged in Click book here on the pool you want to night fish, then click on the date you want to fish,
you can book at three days in advance, and up to 6 pm on the day.
Once on the calendar page and you have selected the date you want, then click on the time,

(all sessions say 6pm, as this is the latest you can book on)  

fill in your details as requested and click book it. 

Only one 24 hour booking per angler is allowed, fishing is from  the date you have booked at 12 noon to 12 noon the next day

you must not book for other people, multiple bookings for the same day using the same email address will be deleted.

Only one 24 hour session per angler is allowed within a 48 hour period an all pools, apart from

Marton Hole which has 48 hours sessions, if you are staying 48 hours please remember to book two separate nights. 

These rules may be temporarily altered under extenuating circumstances.

you may be asked to leave a water before the end of a session if a match has been booked or a work party is taking place.

Some night sessions may be removed to accommodate work parties, Fish Spawning or problems at a water that prevents fishing.

Please see your permit for full rules of the water you are fishing.



so we can see who is booked on.

You can make you account Private so only you and website admins can see it.

Remember to Carry your permit with you when Fishing.

Members who do not have their permit with them may be asked to leave the water.

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