Winsford & District Angling Association

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The River Weaver at Meadowbank

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We are an open angling association in the heart of Cheshire

We have NO Joining Fee and NO waiting lists

You can buy permits over the counter in several locations around Cheshire

or order online and your permit will be delivered direct to your door.

We cater for lots of different types of angling from faster flowing Rivers to The slower pace of the River Weaver

or at one of our still waters.

From Specimen Carp, to large Tench, Bream, eels, Chub, Perch, Pike, Barbell and many more species, we have it all.... 

On our website you can explore our waters, join the club, delve into our history and find all the information you need... 

Or if you want to dive straight in click below to Join Winsford Anglers

Want to see more of our fishy pictures??  or have a look at our waters?

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