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Rule Breaking ??

What will happen if I get caught breaking the club rules?

Firstly we would ask that you don't break any rules!

But if you do and get caught what can you expect to happen .

Well depends a lot on what sort of rule breaking you are doing and if you've been a persistent offender. 

our bailiffs have a range of things they can do, they include a verbal warning, placing an endorsement in your permit on the page provided inside the back cover, there is space for two endorsements, if you get two in your permit you will be asked in writing to attend a disciplinary hearing in front of the Committee where you can give your version of events and hear what the committee has to say on the matter, after the hearing you may be asked to leave the room for a few minutes while a decision is made on what the outcome will be. the hearing outcome can be anything from "no further action is required" to a lifetime ban from the club, or anything in between. 

Some more serious offences may get you an instant ban, things like threating behavior, or leaving faeces and toilet paper on the bank

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