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Angling Development Match & session Results

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The results from tonight’s junior match on the National Length of the River Weaver are as follows:



Age 13 - 17 yrs. weight points


1. Max Reid 14 yrs. 3 lbs. 9 oz. 10


2. Micah Backhouse 14 yrs. 1 lb. 10 oz. 8


3. Max Beech 14 yrs. 1 lb.   9 oz. 6


4. Aidan Foster 15 yrs. 1 lb.   6 oz. 4


5. Matty Banks 16 yrs. 1 lb.   4 oz. 4


6.= Shaun Harris 15 yrs. 1 lb. 4


6.= Charlie Parkinson 13 yrs. 1 lb. 4


Age 12 years & Under weight points


1. Rocco Smith  7 yrs. 5 lbs. 4 oz. 10


2. Dominic Griffin 12 yrs. 2 lbs. 8 oz. 8


3. Eric Forbes  11 yrs.         7 oz. 6


4. Charlie Mitchell 12 yrs. Did not weigh 4


Congratulations to Rocco Smith (pictured below) who landed a 4 lb. Bream right at the end of the match to secure the best overall weight of the evening, and to Max Reid for a convincing win in the older age group.  



The overall results for the series are as follows:


Congratulations to all who took part and helped to make this such a fascinating and enjoyable contest, and a big thank you to our regular helpers Steve Egersdorff, Steph Banks and Wendy Hainey.


We now look forward to our party and presentation on Friday evening (September 2nd).  The location is Wharton Conservative Club, School Road, Winsford, CW7 3EE.  The party begins at 5.30pm with Mayor Joanne Moorcroft attending at 6.00pm to present the trophies and prizes - and there will be something for everyone.


Initially I had planned that we would self-cater and asked for volunteers to help with this.  However, with a growing guest list the practicalities of doing so were becoming increasingly challenging.  We are therefore going to use an outside caterer with the cost being borne by the Association. 


Do please bring some money though as there will be a raffle for some very exciting prizes.  Although these are second-hand items that have been kindly donated they are all in really excellent condition and I think any of our young anglers would be extremely happy to add them to their armoury.  How about these:


Pair of Nash Entity 12 ft. 3.5 lb. Test curve carp rods.


Maver spod ród.


Shakespeare Lexicon feeder rod with 3 tips.


Shimano Perfection 3500 reel with spare spool


Voucher for W&DAA Angling Development t-shirt (this will, of course, be a new t-shirt, not a second-hand one).


If anyone has anything at all which they’d be willing to contribute as a raffle prize we would be most grateful.  It doesn’t have to be fishing-related (I’m sure I’ve got one or two bottles of wine I can bring).


Also, I plan to run a couple of practical workshops for our young anglers, so there will be a chance to learn some new skills and I will be announcing some new activities for the autumn..  


If you would like to attend on Friday and haven’t yet let me know, please do so as soon as possible so that I can ensure we’re catering for the right number. 


Many Thanks,



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