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WDAA Concessions (Disabled) Permit.


Please contact us using the website chat if you want to buy this permit as it is by application only


To apply for a concessions (Disabled) permit you must submit a copy of your current PiP letter, you can blank out and financial information if you want but it must show the date of the letter, expiry of the PiP and your address. you can scan the letter or take a picture using your phone and attach it to a chat message on this website.

Concessions Permit holders are exempt from requiring a Close Season sticker and can fish any waters that open all year round.

(Some waters are closed during April and May for members that have completed work parties)

Please note that although we offer a concessions permit at a reduced rate for Anglers in receipt of PiP, 

none of our waters have specific pags for disabled use,

there are waters and pegs with close by parking and relativley easy assces.

these waters are Newpool, Wyvern pool, Marina, River Weaver - Red Lion, National Length, Meadow island and

Newbridge Roadside, National pool, Terminus pool, 

Once your application is accepted you will be given the password to access the page below.

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