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Donations to Angling Development Team

We are always very grateful to receive donations of useable tackle that we can either implement for coaching purposes or pass on to juniors who are just beginning their angling journey. 

However, whilst there are some things we will gladly take and put to good use, there are other things which we can’t. 

This is partly due to having very limited storage space and also the ages and levels of angling experience of those we are working with.

Most of our coaching is done at short range and in shallow water, using either poles or whips. 

We can also use float or match rods and fixed spool reels. 

Donations of basic coarse fishing terminal tackle are always useful, in particular floats, shot and barbless hooks to nylon. 

We can also find homes for compact seat boxes - suitable for youngsters, match style landing nets and umbrellas.

Thanks to our excellent contacts within the tackle trade we do have the opportunity to buy items of tackle at discounted prices, and we are always on the lookout for new items which can be used as prizes in the various competitions that we run. 

For this reason  monetary donations or offers of sponsorship are especially helpful.

There are some things which we don’t need. 

In particular items of tackle that are either broken, incomplete or in a poor or unsafe condition.  Items of a vintage or antique nature or for more specialised forms of coarse angling. 

We are unable to use sea or game fishing tackle, luggage, clothing and footwear and anything which is perishable (including left-over bait). 

Thank you.     

If you have something to donate please use the website chat on the bottom right of the screen

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