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Fishing Available JUNE 16th to MARCH 14th
then Trout only below the weir during close season* 



From its source in the Derbyshire Peak District the river meanders its way to join the river Weaver in Northwich. The river is widely acknowledged to be one of England's finest natural fisheries, and WDAA is proud to offer fishing on this water. The river
suffered pollution in 2005, but subsequent to a successful court action against the polluter we embarked on a major restocking programme. Barbel, chub, roach and dace have already been stocked into the river as part of this ongoing programme. The water is fast returning to its former glory, trout and  grayling are starting to be caught again, which gives a good guide to the water quality 
in the river. Barbel are now approaching the 10lb mark and chub are regularly landed to 5lbs. Our club record barbel is 10lb 10oz and was acknowledged by non other than Chris Yates to be a magnificent specimen from such a small water.


* Specific rules regarding fishing during the close season; On the trout length only, which is the length below croxton lane bridge downstream to bulls wood.  Fishing is by static worm or fly only. No other baits or methods allowed.  No fish to be retained. 

Access is from the small parking area alongside the A530 near the tip and canal, follow signs for the tip along the canal bank towards the aqueduct, access to the river is from the left of the towpath. Access to the upstream length is from the dane bridge further up over the canal. Fishing is allowed from  the right hand bank upstream as far as King street bridge.

We now have access to Middlewich Joint Anglers Stretch of the Dane, as both clubs now share both stretches

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