WDAA 20/2021 Permit Prices 

Permits are valid from 1st June 2020 to 31st May 2021.

Junior Permit Age 12 - 16  £5

Adult  Permit  Age 17 and over  £45

Over 65's  Permit age 65+  £20

Spectator Permit (Non Angling)  £5

Night Fishing Permit Sticker  £25

WDAA Access key  £7

Work Party Sticker for April/May  Free / £40  - See Below


Work Party Sticker (Free if you complete qualifying Work Parties) or Available to buy at £40

To Fish  Top Flash (May Only), Newpool, Newbridge Marton Hole in April / May 2021 

NOT required for Juniors or over 65's.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements about this year's Work Parties.​

Under 12 years old?   Under 12's can fish free and do not require a permit but they must be accompanied by an Adult over the age of 18

that is a current WDAA member. If a non fishing Adult is accompanying a Junior under 12 the Adult must have a spectators permit.

Spectators (NON Fishing) will require a night sticker if staying overnight with an Angler.

Juniors Night Fishing?  Adult members (Age 18 & over) may take a junior member (age 12-16) night fishing with them,

but the junior must fish in the same peg as the adult, and only 1 rod is allowed for each adult and junior.

Juniors may fish there own peg, but must purchase a night sticker, and must be booked on by the accompanying adult as per current rules.

Juniors under 12 are not permitted to night fish any waters without explicit written consent from the committee.

Once you become a WDAA member you must also have a current Environment Agency Rod licence

Available from the following website




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