Open 12 MONTHS, (Work party sticker required for April / May)
Postcode CW8 2AY


Bailiff: Gav Gerhold 07828 437042 

Newpool contains a large head of specimen carp. In addition it also holds Tench, shoals of Roach, Rudd, has a good head of Pike, a few larger bream.   Due to the stream that flows through from petty pool, the pool is also the home to some specimen sized eels that occasionally get caught. 

Fishing is only allowed from the 21 marked pegs.
 Night Fishing is allowed on this water, for one 24 hour session at a time.

To book night fishing please visit

as there is a limit of five anglers per night allowed.


No keepnets to be used under any circumstances 

Newpool is owned by the Association along with 7 acres of surrounding land.
It was bought by the Association in the early 1980's.

 Lots of work has been done in conjunction with local schools to turn the adjoining land into a haven
for wildlife, a dipping pond and wild flower area have been installed  to promote wildlife and fauna, the pool also hosts Bee Hives installed and maintained by a local Beekeeper, in the out of bounds area opposite peg one, the bees are a non aggressive type, but if anyone has any issues please contact the Bailiff.  

There is parking on site, but a key is required to gain access.


you can purchase a key from any of our permit selling stores or on line at the permit website 
Anglers must make sure the gate is kept locked to prevent fly tipping etc.