Night Bookings Information

As of 07/01/2021 ALL WDAA waters will reopen Day Fishing only Strictly no Night fishing

This is due to the new national Covid-19 lockdown


Marton Hole: Open  / up to 48 hour Night fishing sessions  allowed (You must Book on for 2 nights if doing 48 hours)  

NewPool:    24 Hours only. Night booking required

Newbridge Pool:   24 Hours only.  Night booking required

Tommy's Hole:  24 Hours only. Night booking required

Top Flash:  24 Hours only. Night booking required

All Booked night sessions Start at 12 Noon and end at 12 noon the next day

Or if fishing 48 hours session ends at 12 noon on the day your 48 hour session ends

River Weaver: 48 hour sessions on certain lengths (Please check your permit) No booking on required.

 River Dane: 24 hours only no booking required no return for 24  hours after your session ends

River Severn: open to all members 24 hour sessions no booking required ( No Bivvies and NO Sleeping  while rods are out!! )

 with no return to the same water for 24 hours after your night session has ended

Any venue not mentioned does not currently have night fishing

You can cancel  or reschedule a booking  direct  on the website, Just log in to see and amend your bookings

The Night booking system has a Calendar that shows if a session is full or how many places are available, 

Make sure you are logged in then click book a night session below to see the Calendar. 


Night bookings wait list.

If a session is full, up to two people can go on the waitlist, if someone cancels you will be offered the place,

you then  have half an hour to make your booking, after that time the space will be offered to the second person on the waitlist, if neither of the people on the waitlist make a booking it is then open for anyone to book again.

For Complete WDAA rules please see your current Permit or click here


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