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Winsford and District Angling Association Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Policy

June 2022 update.

 Although there no government restrictions at the moment please take care, and follow the guidelines below especially with the new variants being so contagious.

WDAA are committed so far as is reasonably practical to following and enforcing any government guidelines regarding covid-19.

We understand that as a voluntary organisation we have no legal authority to enforce action against offenders, however we will be advising anglers who do not apply current guidelines it is in their own interest to do so, as this may lead to disciplinary measures according to association rulings, which may result in a ban from the association.  

The variety of waters under the control of WDAA vary greatly in form and layout therefore a degree of common sense should be applied at all times when fishing at different places and allowing the minimum permissible distance between adjacent anglers. As this spacing may vary with changes to guidelines, association officials will be applying rulings that are current at any time in the event that they may change. Whilst there are no government rulings on peg spacing other than the standard rulings on social distancing,

WDAA politely requests that anglers remain knowledgeable of any government guidelines on social distancing that are in force whilst fishing and apply these rules accordingly.

The following guidance can be followed whilst angling on WDAA venues and will help stop any spread of the virus.

Please allow at least the minimum social distance between anglers.

  • Where pegs are provided for angling these should always be used. 

  • Where pegs are not clearly marked, the minimum social distancing should always be applied.

  • It is advisable that anglers carry hand sanitising solution to be used after handling gates, locks etc. to avoid the risk of virus spread by skin contact.

  • Anglers should avoid sharing tackle or other items if at all possible and where this happens it should be cleaned with sanitising solution before handling by a different angler.

  • Consider wearing a face mask or disposable gloves where appropriate.

  • Do not leave home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 and follow government advice on testing and self-isolation.