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Please be aware the above link will take you to the website

Please Click on the link above for the latest Angling Trust Covid advice.

Also be aware the above link will take you to the Angling Trust website

Winsford and District Angling Association Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Policy

June 2022 update.

 Although there no government restrictions at the moment please take care, and follow the guidelines below especially with new variants being so contagious.

The following guidance can be followed whilst angling on WDAA venues and will help stop any spread of the virus.

Please allow at least the minimum social distance between anglers.

  • Where pegs are provided for angling these should always be used. 

  • Where pegs are not clearly marked, the minimum social distancing should always be applied.

  • It is advisable that anglers carry hand sanitising solution to be used after handling gates, locks etc. to avoid the risk of virus spread by skin contact.

  • Anglers should avoid sharing tackle or other items if at all possible and where this happens it should be cleaned with sanitising solution before handling by a different angler.

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