Due to Covid Restrictions there will not be an Annual General Meeting this year 2020/21 .

All the AGM Reports can be found below

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Evening everyone.

In a normal year, our annual AGM would have taken place in mid March, but not this year ! We have however put together the normal reports presented at the AGM. In a nutshell, finance wise we have had a good year with Keith presenting a healthy surplus. Graham's secretaries address is as good as ever, summing up the past year nicely. Robs report is well worth a read and very informative. All of this year's reports are here on the club's website where they will remain for the next few weeks.

I would personally like to thank all of The Committee Members and Bailiffs for your commitment and efforts for WDAA.

Without you we would not have a great local fishing club, for all of our members to enjoy.

Kind regards Bert,

Club Chairman.

Secretary's Address

The 2020/21 fishing season will go down in history and probably be remembered for many years to come but sadly for all the wrong reasons. At the end of last season, March 2020 coronavirus started to take hold and we found ourselves forced into the first national lockdown. Little were we to know at that time just how serious the situation was to become as the entire planet was hit with one of the greatest disasters in recent history. The coronavirus affected everyone to some extent and living in these strange times has been difficult with restrictions on what we are allowed to do or where we are allowed to go. The next 12 months saw a dramatic change to the way we live and forced us to spend extended periods of time staying at home and separated from people including family members that we would normally have regular contact with.

Remaining more isolated can create its own problems such as mental stress and anxiety making us feel detached from the real world. However, there is still a world outside the front door and fortunately the government allowed going out for essential reasons such as exercise.

Being anglers, the outside environment is where we practice our pastime and the government gave permission to continue this as part of part of our exercise allocations.

The natural world in my opinion is one of the best ways to detach from problems and stresses in life. Angling provides that opportunity to get outside and feel part of nature away from the television or computer, even when the results don’t go your way there are still the sights and sounds of the surroundings to observe and relax in a chair for a few hours. Therefore it has been important to take these opportunities during these difficult times and spend some time outside enjoying fishing to assist with our mental well-being.

It’s not all bad news though as membership numbers appear to have been on the increase during the last season and into the new year permit sales still proceed which indicates that people indeed want to get out and fish. WDAA have done the best we possibly could throughout this last season trying to continue with managing the Association and keeping it functioning for the benefits of its members. Due to social distancing measures the usual work parties and committee meetings have taken a back seat although we did manage a few small outdoor meetings with a minimum of committee members.

Association officials have continued to operate around our waters whilst observing current guidelines and at this point as in every other year it is vital to remind our members that the Association is built on volunteers who give up their spare time to keep the waters in a condition that provides safe and enjoyable angling. Therefore thank you to all officials for your continuing efforts in running the Association because without this assistance there would be no WDAA at all.

Please support our officials when using our waters, abide by the rules they are introduced for a reason, to keep the image of the Association respectable. Look after the environment it is yours to use and enjoy, take home litter and please don’t leave tackle on the bank. Fisheries that are abused will only attract attention from the public leading to complaints or worse loss of venue. WDAA officials are there to enforce the rules but not in an aggressive or forceful manner, that is not the position of the Association. We aim to provide a friendly and helpful environment in which to fish.

At the time of writing, we have a healthy number of bailiffs and committee members however as in most years there have been one or two losses replaced by others which is common to most organisations, inevitably a